Thoughts about framing your Tomten poster

Framed tomten poster, perfect for
                your Swedish / Scandinavian Christmas decorating
Tomten poster in frame

When it comes to framing your poster, there are a million ways to go.  The poster will fit in a standard 11.75" x 36" poster frame.  You can buy what I would call a dorm-style poster frame, with a clear styrene covering and plastic edges that slide off, or a more elaborate poster frame with more substantial metal or plastic edges and a glass covering.  You could also bring your poster to a framing shop and have a frame custom made.  Or you could go the traditional Michelsen family route - skip the frame altogether and use thumb tacks (in retrospect, maybe not!)

Tomten poster detail

Poster frame detail
I have found a nice-looking poster frame with a non-glass covering.   This is the only frame I am offering here. 
I chose this one for several reasons.  First, it looks good.  Second, with it's non-glass covering, it will survive shipping.  Mailing a frame with a super-thin sheet of glass in it is a risky bet, to say the least.  Third, as you will probably be putting this poster up each Christmas with your other decorations, then taking it down for storage each year, you shouldn't need to worry about handling a large, fragile piece of glass!

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