Tomten on the cover of the Vasa Star!

The editor of the "Vasa Star", the magazine for the Vasa Order of America (the leading Swedish-American fraternal organization) was kind enough to put the Tomte in my poster on the cover of their Sept-Dec 2010 issue! 
A true representative of Christmas in Sweden...

By the way, if you are Swedish, or part Swedish,
I highly recommend that you consider becoming a member of the Vasa Order - they are there to help you learn,
preserve and celebrate your Swedish heritage.  They meet in lodges around the country - maybe there's one near you.

The editor of the Vasa Star can even help you with translating any letters or other documents from Sweden that you may have kept over the years!

More about the Vasa Order.

In the meantime, please purchase and enjoy my poster, with this beautiful winter scene with my favorite bit of Swedish folklore, the Tomte!
Tomten poster on
              the cover of the Sept-Dec, 2010 Vasa Star

Here's the bottom of page 3 of that edition, mentioning my contribution.  It was a lot of fun to be involved!

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